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Implementation of extra specifying desires of the customer

The developer guarantees flexibility in approach to possible additional requests of the customer, arising in the process of project implementation.

Functionality buildup and modernization of system in operation process

Developer guarantees operative response to requirements on development of existing system and providing in the shortest terms of the offers on realization of its evolution.

Quick users’ training, ease of operation

Developer guarantees that viewing logic of available user’s actions, and convenient, demonstrative and simple in navigation interface does not require additional professional training from users.

Parameters of quality of our services are determined in SLA (Service Level Agreement)

  1. Customer’s request
  2. Registration under unique number
  3. Determination of request priority
  4. Appointment of responsible supervisor
  5. Operative problem solution

On each request, personally responsible specialist is appointed, corresponding to the problem occurred, which deals with the task on priority basis and solves the problem in prior specified terms.

Reason doe request Request priority Response time Time solution Problem solution
Critical problem 1 15 minutes 4 hours 20 calendar days
Serious problem 2 2 hours 2 calendar days 20 calendar days
Insignificant problem 3 1 working day 10 calendar days 20 calendar days
General issue 4 1 working day Not rated 10 calendar days
Consulting Not rated