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  • Software constituting the technological basis of business automation solutions and CRM, supplied by SMT-ISS company

  • Program constructor of mobile users queue systems on the basis of functional modules

  • Components of Gear platform are implemented with the application widely used modern technologies: JAVA, AJAX/HTTPS/DHTML/JavaScript

Three-tiered architecture

  • Architecture components of GEAR system are grouped into three layers: storage, access, presentation.
  • Data transfer between components is accomplished through open standardized interfaces.
  • Each layer is technologically independent from the others, and can be implemented by various technical means.
  • Safety
  • High productivity
  • Scalability
  • Interchangeable components

Module structure

  • GEAR module is functionally finished program system, providing execution of a set number of business-operations.
  • Each module of GEAR platform includes components at all architecture layers (storage, access, presentation).
  • Within the frameworks of unified system for individual spheres of tasks software of other producer can be used at customer’s option.
  • Significant cost reduce
  • Integration of existing software
  • Quick modernization

Web-based client

  • Organization of working places by principle “thin client”, accessible in any world point through standard web-browser.
  • GEAR architecture and built-in interface give wide possibility of flexible system setting, incl. by force of the customer.
  • Built-in graphic editor enables to set individual elements simultaneously.
  • Increase of controllability
  • System upgrade simplicity
  • Quick training of operators
  • Flexible setting system
  • Minimal implementation time

Basis functionality

  • Support of various network protocols: RADIUS, Netflow, IP-acc, DIAMETER, CAMEL, MAP; HTTP, SOAP, FTP; SMPP
  • Unified system of access control
  • Unified system of collection and presentation of statistic information
  • System of formation of reports in formats: .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .pdf, .html

Implementation of extra specifying desires of the customer

The developer guarantees flexibility in approach to possible additional requests of the customer, arising in the process of project implementation.

Functionality buildup and modernization of system in operation process

Developer guarantees operative response to requirements on development of existing system and providing in the shortest terms of the offers on realization of its evolution.

Quick users’ training, ease of operation

Developer guarantees that viewing logic of available user’s actions, and convenient, demonstrative and simple in navigation interface does not require additional professional training from users.