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Gear MVNO Support System – complex system of automation of production processes of telecommunication services enterprise – virtual mobile operator (MVNO, mobile virtual network operator), which does not have its own data transfer network. Mobile virtual network operator concludes clients agreements and issues to subscribers SIM/RUIM-cards, produces by his order. Telecommunication network operator registers these cards on equipment of its network and provides servicing of MVNO subscribers.

Designation of Gear MVNO Support System

  • Connection, servicing and account of subscribers
  • Account of provided services
  • Providing and limitation of subscribers’ access to the services
  • Support of warehouse processes
  • Providing of full cycle of work with dealers

Basic opportunities

  • Issuance of own SIM/RUIM-cards (except for direct production).
  • Creation of tariff plans of subscribers servicing.
  • Sales of contracts — conclusion of subscribers’ service contracts with issuance of SIM/RUIM-cards.
  • Servicing of subscribers by all kinds of calls.

Finance management

  • Personal accounts of contractors (personal accounts, balance).
  • Consignments, recording the facts of equipment transfer and its cost.
  • Accounts on the basis of which the actual payments are made.
  • Making settlements with contractors: subscribers, dealers and mobile operators.

Dealers’ network

  • Dealer’s creation.
  • Creation of contract with a dealer (with service “dealer’s contract”).
  • Creation of warehouse, bound to dealer, on which SIM/RUIM-cards are transferred. Dealers only deal with sales of contracts, they do not perform other actions in business-processes of virtual operator.