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The platform is designed for control and management of SIM-cards, used in wireless modules of remote devices of the company — clients of mobile operator: in sensors, ATM, terminals and other equipment.

Innovative М2М-solution, implemented by “SMT-ISS”, since 2013 has been successfully working at the largest mobile operator, has a flexible system of user’s settings, provides opportunities of online monitoring of SIM-cards status, forms reports and notifications. During three years of operation М2М platform has allowed to reduce significantly operational costs, showed itself as convenient for users, reliable, practically faultless tool of business-processes optimization.

Functions of M2M platform, accessible to clients

  • Providing of flexible statistics and analytics at each level of clients hierarchy.
  • Formation of personal client’s accounts.
  • Monitoring of SIM-cards status in M2M devices.
  • Geo-positioning at absence of GPS-signal.
  • Informing client in case of problems with M2M devices.
  • Prevention of non-target use.

SIM-cards monitoring

  • Quick evaluation of situation and operative response in interface.
  • Group operations with SIM-cards (selection, filters).
  • Specification and analysis of status of each SIM-card.

Limits management

  • Setting limitations for communication service consumption in special section of interface.
  • Creation, editing and removal of limit rules for groups of SIM-cards, formed by target business-designation.


  • Creation, editing and removal of users.
  • Setting of roles, by which the user is provided with access to certain possibilities of work in the system.

Reports and subscriptions

  • Automatic setting of receiving regular reports by set parameters – periodic subscription, sent to Е-mail.
  • Manual selection of data for building report and its presentation in interface or sending by Е-mail.
  • Regulating of periodicity of receiving notifications about significant conditions (excess for SIM-card of information and blocking limits etc.).

Work with subcontracts

  • User-administrator of М2М-system can create subcontract for groups of SIM-cards and control them.
  • System interface represents SIM-cards on specific subcontract, as well as “all cards”, and “SIM-cards without subcontract”.
  • At deleting of subcontract all SIM-cards, located on it, transfer to the basic contract and all limit rules are removed from them.

Work with unified contract

  • The user-administrator controls SIM-cards on all regional contracts, belonging to this client, as an integral array of SIM-cards, and can select specific regional contract for work with it.

Parameters and functions

The client accomplishes personal setting of basic functions of the system for solution of its basic business-tasks by editing user’s fields.

Service “Network control”

Paid for the client service allows him to control types and directions of calls for its SIM-cards, forming for them black and white numbers lists.

Service “Traffic control”

Additional paid service allows the user to control connection to network of its SIM-cards.


Setting of control rules for connection IMSI-IMEI (IMSI-TAC) simultaneously for group of SIM-cards.

Attach notify

Possibility of subscription of selected SIM-card or group of SIM-cards for receiving technological events IMSI attach (by event type, CS or PS).

Cancel location

Forced re-registration of SIM-card in the Net.

Parameters of quality of our services are determined in SLA (Service Level Agreement)

  1. Customer’s request
  2. Registration under unique number
  3. Determination of request priority
  4. Appointment of responsible supervisor
  5. Operative problem solution

On each request, personally responsible specialist is appointed, corresponding to the problem occurred, which deals with the task on priority basis and solves the problem in prior specified terms.

Reason doe request Request priority Response time Time solution Problem solution
Critical problem 1 15 minutes 4 hours 20 calendar days
Serious problem 2 2 hours 2 calendar days 20 calendar days
Insignificant problem 3 1 working day 10 calendar days 20 calendar days
General issue 4 1 working day Not rated 10 calendar days
Consulting Not rated