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GEAR CRM/PRM is designed for support of commercial activity of enterprise (sales performance) and aimed at using in business-structures and business-models with big number of territorially distributed users (subscribers and partners).

The system automates production processes, connected with servicing clients (sales, service and financial servicing, self-servicing) and internal technological processes, related to servicing of clients, registration and control of services payment. The solution provides integration with external information systems. GEAR CRM/PRM includes the system of remote independent clients’ servicing through Internet by means of unified web-portal.

Safety in GEAR system is provided by mechanism of distribution of users’ access rights to the objects. Registration as users and providing rights for performing of certain actions are possible for employees of the company-customer, employees of companies-partners (for example, dealers),direct clients (subscribers), program systems (for example, producing processing of requests of the same dealers and clients before their transfer to GEAR system).

Using solution GEAR CRM/PRM for realization of strategies, aimed at increase of the company’s profit, allows to develop, conduct and assess effectiveness of marketing promotions addressed to all subscribers and target sample of clients.

Functions of platform CRM\PRM, available to clients

    Support of sales and other pre-set and agreed business-processes
  • Management of applications, orders, resources
  • Management of interrelations with clients (CRM)
  • Management of interrelations with partners (PRM)
  • Generation of accounts and automation of subscribers informing
  • Payments receiving (through cash accounts, unified system of payments receiving, bank)
  • Support of self-servicing of subscribers through web-portal
  • Support of outbound marketing (loyalty program, shares)
  • Integration with Сall-center
  • Support of group operations